Welcome to Kreeger Research LLC


Kreeger Research provides Intellectual Property (IP) and consultancy services for exotic high performance Signal Processing ASICs and FPGAs, in domains that include software defined radio, image processing, financial analytics, and hardware-accelerated computing. These applications require greater system level design effort to achieve compact and power-efficient designs. If conventional processing methods are insufficient, we can help. We offer various services ranging from algorithm refactoring and acceleration, to fully turnkey solutions that include on-site delivery, setup and training.

Design Approach

Our design approach emphasizes quality-of-results and includes three broad steps. 1) System Architecture. 2) Detailed Design and Tradeoffs. 3) Implementation and Unit Testing.

In the System Architecture Step, we begin with an analysis of your algorithm. We work closely with you to architect the system for the most efficient, highest performance outcome.

Detailed Design involves making design decisions and tradeoffs, as well as a generating a bit-accurate software model. At this stage the system is evaluated and physical size estimates are made. For some applications, digital noise analysis can also be performed.

In Implementation and Unit Testing, we will use appropriate tools and methods including both hand coding (in C or HDL as appropriate) in combination with higher level tools including HDL code generation tools. Verification of each module is performed using unit tests to compare the bit accurate models created in step 2. If required, we can implement the design into the device of your choosing. All HDL generated is guaranteed to be fully synthesizable in all major FPGA families, and can be deployed without royalty charges.